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Rose Callaghan is a theatre and film director, and an actor. Based in Sydney, Australia, she wants to tell stories that relate to her identity as a seventh-generation Australian woman. She is passionate about creating art that prompts an audience to critically think about something out of their comfort zone. She believes that the Arts and sharing stories plays a crucial role in developing a broader understanding of our world. 


Her most recent work was directing a production of Kate Hamill’s Little Women in association with the Atlantic Acting School on the Atlantic Theatre Company’s off-Broadway stage. Other work includes; acting and directing an excerpt of Antigone by Damien Ryan, and performing in Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman and working in television in Australia on Channel 10’s Playing for Keeps and Channel 9’s Informer 3838.


Rose brings passion, drive and open mindedness to all the work she does. She strives to foster an inclusive environment and to amplify voices of those who have been historically and systemically pushed aside and overlooked. 

Background Photography by Rose Callaghan

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