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Adapted by Damien Ryan

Directed by Rose Callaghan

Played the title character Antigone

Justice is knowing what to do... when we don't know what to do.

Set in the post war world of Thebes, the city is reeling from violence and chaos. Antigone, daughter of Oedipus, is a child of war. Brothers Eteocles and Polynikes, Etocles fighting for Thebes, Polynikies fighting for a terrorist group, have died by each other’s hand. Antigone believes the right thing to do is to bury Polynikes, which is in direct violation of her uncle, Creon’s law. When Creon discovers what Antigone has done, both of them suffer the consequences. Personal conscience is pitted against national law, and we are asked the question ‘what do we do with the body of the enemy, when the enemy is our brother?’ 

Antigone Sound Design

I used a few different songs to modernise this ancient play in the vision that I had. Below are some of the songs that I used, as well as the inspiration playlist for this production.

It was very important to me to use Australian music artists for inspiration for this production. 

Waves by Dean Lewis was a key piece of music, as it was used over the top of a movement sequence depicting Antigone's suicide, and subsequent discovery by Haemon

'We watch as our young hearts fade

'Into the flood, into the flood...' 

Waves by Dean Lewis

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